Behind the Scenes




It was a cast and crew of approximately 100 people that united to create this short film. This swirl of talents congregated under the full moon on a weekend in late October, 2010 in the hills west of Osoyoos.

They arrived at the set from a variety of places; Vancouver, Cawston, Ashnola, Keremeos, Olalla, Penticton, Oliver, Osoyoos, Westbank, Summerland and Kelowna! The generous donation of giant tents and heaters from APEX TENT & EVENT RENTALS in Vancouver helped the passionate assembly endure the chill of the exhausting night shoots.

With devotion and determination, this hard working group braved two nights of whistling wind and driving rain (essentially in the middle of the desert!). The cast had their work cut out for them – to look as though they were partying in a Mexican border town! It gets cold out there when the sun goes down! Fortunately, the craft services team of volunteers provided hot food, drinks, and a steady supply of snacks to their shivering compatriots. This was a formidable task, considering they had no running water out on this set. Ingenuity was at its height!

The team dreamed up a stunning vision, but the overall budget came out at a whopping $120,000! Fortunately, due to the generous volunteering and donations of services, supplies, and cut rates, the ambitious scope was captured for much less!

We were thrilled when given the news that we would be partially funded by Bravo!FACT: $20,000. Whoohoo! Although $20,000 sounds like a lot of cash (which it is), we ultimately finished the film for $30,000 — $10,000 over budget. Ouch! So, someone is making money from Canadian art (credit card companies!).

In the end, we simply could NOT have completed this beautiful project without every single amazing volunteer! It was a team effort to be very proud of.